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The first thing to say is that our product is unique because it is the ONLY antibacterial coating that is both alcohol & silver free. There are many other antibacterial coatings on the market, but they all contain varying levels of alcohol and/or silver – ours doesn’t.

Our antibacterial coating:


  • is low cost 

  • is environmentally friendly

  • is completely water based and therefore totally alcohol free (both isopropanol and ethanol)

  • is completely silver biocidal free

  • forms a protective anti bacterial barrier

  • lasts longer than alcohol sanitisers

  • kills 99.9% of bacteria

  • is non-hazardous 

  • is certified against very latest EU regulations (AATCC-147-2016)

  • emits no unpleasant odours

  • contains a biocidal active currently used in the cosmetic industry


We have engineered the coating to be able to print on our Heidelberg XL75 sheetfed litho presses so can be applied to any product – it could be particularly useful for use on leaflets, visitor maps, brochures and menus.


We have had our finished printed product lab tested and certified – certification can be provided on request.


To give some background, we have partnered with a company to produce antibacterial coating for our printed material – after a year or so of research & development work, the coating has now been given BSI certification (AATCC-147-2016). 


The company we are working with are a well established & leading UK manufacturer with 40 years experience in the production of industrial coatings and antibacterial finishes.  They produce Sanitisers, Hand Gels & Multisurface cleaners and unique antibacterial paint that are all certified to the very latest regulations and are used in numerous markets including NHS and MoD.


Being their sole development partner in the print industry for many years, Lonsdale now have the exclusivity on the use of the antibacterial print coating.


If you wish to promote the fact that you are using the antibacterial coating on your printed product, we can provide you with some explanatory text to incorporate into your artwork.


Get in touch for more information or for a quote.

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