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Research shows that 65% of people say that they give physical mail their full attention compared to 35% for email.  So, despite living in a digital world, delivering a printed product through your customers letterbox is still the most effective means of communication.


No other channel delivers the same levels of response as Direct Mail. 


We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are making the most of their budget, advising on the most cost-effective & suitable formats to deliver on the brief.  


Postage forms a large part of any direct mail campaign cost, so we work closely with clients to ensure that the most cost-effective postage solutions, either UK or International, are applied to each and every campaign, thus further helping to maximise the client’s ROI.


The success of any direct mail campaign is heavily dependant on the quality of the data.  Using data cleansing & suppression tools to remove duplicates, GoneAways and poor quality addresses, our data team can further help to maximise response rates.


Using either our high-speed machine enclosing facilities with camera matching or our team of hand-enclosing professionals, we produce direct mail campaigns for many clients, across a wide range of industry sectors and are seen as experts in our field, especially within the charity sector for whom we produce in excess of 12 million packs per year.


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