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With the high profile nature of environmental issues, the drive for recyclable packaging and reduction of ‘one-time’ plastics, it became clear that a recyclable Despatch Note for retailers would have huge benefits. 


Reinforcing this idea was the fact that consumers now have more choice and it is documented that, given the choice, they prefer to buy from retailers who are environmentally aware and use recyclable packaging. They also prefer to buy from retailers with an easy returns process, hence the need for a supplied label. 


In 2015 we set about creating the 100% recyclable Eco-Label document and the efficient production methods needed to manufacture it.


Today, we are proud to be the sole UK manufacturer of the ECO label.

The Product

  • Exclusively manufactured by Lonsdale Direct Solutions in the UK.

  • A completely biodegradable alternative to your standard integrated label stationery. 

  • Its 100% recyclable from beginning to end, throughout its lifecycle.


The Innovation 


  • The silicon patch on the reverse of a traditional integrated label prevents it from being recycled. Our label is not only made from either FSC accredited paper or 100% recycled paper – it is always 100% recyclable.

  • Eco-label is laser guaranteed, can be die-cut to create multiple labels and requires zero process changes. 

  • It has also proven to save costs.


The Design 


  • More space to use for your creative.

  • No unsightly aperture. 

  • Enhanced donor engagement with “reveal” messages.


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